TECNOLOGIC® products are developed on a water basis.The H2O-based composition reduces the impact on the environment that the extensive use of solvents is having on our planet. In addition to the advantages obtained from an environmental point of view, the water-based solution allows the TECNOLOGIC® component to be harmless from a physiological and toxicological point of view.All of our water-based formulated products favor a significant reduction in costs and energy and allow our customers to use products and application systems that help reduce the impact on the environment and on living beings.
The laboratory supports all development activities on TECNOLOGIC® products, guaranteeing high standards in the application, development and technological fields. It is made up of specialized resources who work to seek innovation and offer continuous support to the business of over 200 different customers.The scientific know-how and the technological equipment of the laboratory allow to characterize raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, so as to offer customers only tested and certified quality products.The demands of the market and the new perspectives of the sector, such as specific performances and eco-compatibility, constitute the guidelines in the design and manufacture of new products and preparations that the R&D center processes in three phases: laboratory research, application development, testing and certification.
From the continuous dialogue between our researchers, new ideas thus products and production processes are born allowing us to realize and satisfy the needs of our customers - anticipating them or acting to measure. The TECNOLOGIC 3® instrumentation and the activities of the internal laboratory represent the added value to innovation and to improvement of our technical-scientific knowledge on a global level, responding to the most specific requests of our customers.
Where it all starts. Pre-Applied products are just a segment of our goals: we believe that the method used to apply our resins is an important aspect of our business as well as the process for applying that material. TECNOLOGIC 3® is continuously designing and developing new and tailor-made application equipment to guarantee high quality performances so as to meet any of our customers’ needs. Our machines are designed with automated processing parts and dedicated quality checks to prevent errors when associated with a manual application.Our Technical assistance and service will guide you on all the initial phases of the project. The Tecnologic 3 machine is based on the TECNOLOGIC 3 patent.