35th Anniversary
Made in Italy
Company certifications
TECNOLOGIC 3® is an innovative family-owned company, market leader in the field of reactive and non-reactive coatings for fasteners since its foundation in 1987. Success on the world market is based on exceptional products developed by our in-house laboratory since the beginning of our history, specialized technical knowledge and first-rate application technology consultancy.Innovative chemistry, specific industrial production, high professionalism for over 35 years and constant attention to the environment starting from the development of our water-based products: this is TECNOLOGIC 3®.
People, their skills and their commitment are our greatest strength and the core of our ability to compete on global markets. We always welcome new challenges thanks to the work of a multicultural team made up of people who look to the future, promoting the creation of a work environment that enhances individual skills by supporting an extended, inclusive and shared culture. TECNOLOGIC 3® is constantly committed to guaranteeing safety in the workplace and in every production phase. All our industrial processes have been studied with respect for the territory. TECNOLOGIC 3® dedicates resources and constant commitment to the enhancement and development of human resources. We are committed to attracting and nurturing talented people, with a focus on young professionals.
TECNOLOGIC 3® is a story born in 1987.Over 35 years of international experience and technical specialization gained in close contact with our customers. A path of excellence, principles of integrity and values that are constantly combined with a long-term vision and a great passion for building the future.
The TECNOLOGIC® range includes a truly comprehensive program that meets a wide range of requirements in the thread coating sector. Each product is developed in our factory on the outskirts of Milan, Italy in all phases: from chemical research to actual production through patented machinery. Tradition that becomes innovation: our continuous creative and technological research has allowed us to launch an Italian excellence on the national and international market.
TECNOLOGIC 3® has always been looking for improvement solutions, products and processes, through the understanding and implementation of the most up-to-date technologies. The close collaboration with our partners has been fundamental to understand and develop advanced locking technologies and systems that meet the needs and together with the highest quality standards. Each activity of TECNOLOGIC 3® is developed in consideration of the environment: all our products formulated with water-based and solvent-free favor a significant reduction in costs and energy and allow our customers to use products and application systems that help reduce the impact on the environment and living beings. A modern company, open to a constantly evolving world with the aim of always being one step ahead. The digitization path led to the creation and integration of processes, from the management of the product industrialization phases to all activities related to the sales area. All using common systems with very high technology content and which represent the most innovative and performing on the market.


  • We produce and use water-based products, limit the consumption of electricity, and seek minimal environmental impact, including emissions.
  • We share the choices of our customers in the search for more sustainable products throughout their life cycle.
  • We are committed to the paperless project to reduce the consumption of paper documents.


  • All products, tools, and machinery are internationally patented.
  • Our products/services fully comply with the main international standards for industrial processes and management.


  • We are committed to full compliance with the Italian legislative requirements and those of the target countries.
  • We guarantee the health and safety of our collaborators in all our workspaces and in all process phases.


  • We believe in the improvement of technology and the production process as a key to growth.
  • We are focused on improving the efficiency of both machines and products with new formulations and automated quality control.


  • We design ad hoc formulations to increase the performance of our products.
  • Co-design with the customer helps us reduce product testing and approval times.


  • We look for methods that increase production capacity and efficiency with the modernization of lines and layouts.