TECNOLOGIC® 70 Medium Adhesive

Is a water based system of technologically advanced resins and microcapsules, for medium locking and sealant joints.
TECNOLOGIC® 70 Medium Adhesive has been tried and tested successfully in extreme conditions locks and seals any threaded joint, and can be applied to all types of metal and some plastics.
TECNOLOGIC® 70 Medium Adhesive is applied by means of controlled stratification, using special systems studied and designed by TECNOLOGIC3®.
the product is applied at circular (circular), in positions and sizes that vary in accordance with the diameter, the thread pitch and the medium locking torque and sealant value required.
during the screwing up and tightening of the threaded parts, the microcapsules and resins are distributed between the screw and female screw. When polymerisation is complete, the product reaches its medium locking and sealant power, giving excellent resistance to loosening, stress and vibrations.
TECNOLOGIC® 70 Medium Adhesive is also able to achieve a high sealing power.
TECNOLOGIC® 70 Medium Adhesive is in line with the European Reach and RoHs directives and is available in the solvent-free, non-toxic IMDS system.
the TECNOLOGIC® 70 Medium Adhesive system is a registered trademark which satisfies the World Automotive Industry standards.