TECNOLOGIC® 15 Sealant

Is a water-based system of technologically advanced resins, which guarantees a powerful seal.
TECNOLOGIC® 15 Sealant has been tried and tested successfully in extreme conditions to ensure that all threaded joints (cylindrical/cylindrical and cylindrical/conical) are well sealed, and the product can be applied to all types of metal and most plastics.
TECNOLOGIC® 15 Sealant is applied by means of controlled stratification, using special systems studied and designed byTECNOLOGIC 3.
the product is applied at circular (circular), in positions and sizes that vary in accordance with the diameter, the thread pitch and the sealant value required.
during the coupling of the threaded parts, TECNOLOGIC® 15 Sealant is distributed to eliminate the interference between the threads, to guarantee high sealant performance.
the persistence of the seal and its resistance to high temperatures are unique features which satisfy the very highest safety standards in the most critical applications.
TECNOLOGIC® 15 Sealant is in line with the European Reach and RoHs directives and is available in the solvent-free, non-toxic IMDS system.