TECNOFREN® Self-locking

Is a polyamide based system designed to make any threaded joint self-locking, sealed, adjustable and reusable.
TECNOFREN® exploits the elastic deformation properties of the special polymer.
during tightening, TECNOFREN® is distributed between the thread and the female screw to eliminate the spaces between the threads. In this way, it increases the metal to metal contact and exerts strong and long-lasting resistance to loosening and vibrations.
TECNOFREN® is applied by means of controlled deposit, using special systems studied and designed by TECNOLOGIC 3.
the positions and sizes vary in accordance with the diameter, the threading pitch and the locking torque value to be obtained. The standard a patch application is ideal for the locking function, while with the circular application the sealant function is also obtained.
TECNOFREN® is in line with the European REACH and RoHs directives and is available in the fully non-toxic IMDS system suitable for contact with food.
the TECNOFREN® system is a registered trademark which satisfies the World Automotive Industry Standards.